M O N C T O N  T A C O  W E E K . M A Y 1 - 7 M A I,  2 0 1 9

*  The availability of the tacos is varied and at different times SO please be sure to FOLLOW the restaurants on fb and Instagram or do a quick google search to make sure you know the schedule of each place before taking the trip. HAPPY TACO WEEK MONCTON ❤!! We're so lucky to have 29 restaurants participating this year and they're working hard to keep the tacos flowing, so be kind + patient & remember to tip your waitress/ waiter, it's going to be a wild week ❤


1. Cafe Archibald 
221 Mountain Rd (2 locations) (506) 853-8819
web: www.cafearchibald.com

Title: Maple Apple Crumble
Price: $8.95
Ingredients:  Maple cream sauce, in house granola, in house apple pie mix in two hard shell tacos. 

2. Classic Burger
300 main St (506) 382-6498
web: www.classicburgergroup.com

Title: Classic Surf N' Turf
Price: $19.99
Ingredients: Steak, lobster, shreaded mixed cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, secret sauce. Loaded Nacho Cheese tots on the side.

3. Mexi's
683 Main St. (506) 855-7672
web: www.mexicalirosas.com

Title: Bang Bang Coconut Shrimp Tacos
Price: $15
Ingredients: Coconut Shrimp, grilled street style corn, cotija cheese, guajillo chilli crema, cabbage, roasted garlic + cilantro, pickled onion and pineapple

4. Kanpai Izakaya
196 Robinson St. (506) 856-6959
web: www.kanpaiizakaya.ca

Kanpai's taco has kimchi, pork, and salmon and we will sell for 2 for $10
Along with the Taco, We have Mexican Yuca fried with Garlic Mayo for
the Taco week for $6

5. Guacamole Mexican Street Food
171 rue Université (3 locations) (506) 854-0884
web: https://www.guacamole.restaurant/

Title: Shrimp Ceviche Taco
Price: $9.75 + tax ( includes 2 tacos + a chips & salsa)
Ingredients: shrimps, lime & lemon juice, cilantro, red onions, red peppers, jalapenos, mango and lettuce served with avocado crema ( dairy free & can be glutten free - with a hard corn tortilla)

6. Tide and Boar Gastropub
700 Main St. (506) 857-9118
web: www.tideandboar.com

Title: Hot Red Tacos
Price: $19 with choice of side
Ingredients: Birra style braised beef, fried tortilla, red onion lime salsa, oxaco cheese, salsa caca huate

7. Duo Cafe
700 Main St. (506) 857-2036
web: www.tideandboar.com

Title: Mango Dream Taco
Price: $9
Ingredients: Mango pulled chicken, red cabbage, cilantro green yogurt, flour tortilla

8. Dolma Food
251 St George St (506) 852-3663
web: dolmafood.ca

Title: Bossam Double Decker Taco
Price: 9$ + tax
Ingredients: Korean-style Springbrook Farm local pulled pork, Wonton-style hard shell taco, soft shell taco, Local by Atta lettuce, tamaki gold rice, ginger scallion sauce, ssam sauce

9.Dolma Café & Sushi Bar
236 St. George St. (506) 852-3774
web: www.dolmasushi.ca

Title: Vegan Double Decker Dream
Price: 9 + tax
Ingredients: Vegan BBQ jackfruit "pulled pork", hard shell taco, soft shell taco, Local by Atta lettuce, Chimi Churri, Cashew Crema

10. Piatto
759 Main St (506) 877-0909
web: https://www.piattopizzeria.com

Title: Pronto Pollo
Price: $15 for two large tacos
Ingredients: Blackened Chicken, watermelon salsa, shredduce, citrus feta, basil crema on a pizza taco shell

11. Les Brumes du Coude
140 Rue Botsford (506) 858-0777
web: www.lesbrumesducoude.com
*déjeuner seulement*
*lunch only*

Le WTF Taco
The WTF Taco

12. The Old Triangle
751 Main Street (506) 384-7474
web: www.oldtriangle.com

Title: Pig in a Pineapple
Price: $12 no side $14 with side
Ingredients: Ground pork, red onion, tomatillos, jalapeno, garlic, cumin, oregano, mix cheese, pineapple salsa, ice burg lettuce, siracha lime sour cream

13. St James Gate
14 Church Street (506) 388-4283
web: st-jamesgate.ca

Title: SJG Pork Mole
Price: $15
Ingredients: Traditional mole sauce, braised pork shoulder, pico de gallo, red cabbage, pickle navy beans.

14. Notre Dame de Parkton
376 Saint George (506) 855-7210
web: https://www.facebook.com/Notre-Dame-De-Parkton-152379771992248/

Title: The Walking Taco ( Taco in a bag)
Made famous in the Midwest of the United States, the “walking taco” is a street food staple that serves up a variety of taco toppings in a bag on top of crispy corn chips. Notre Dame de Parkton will be switching up their toppings daily, so make sure to check out their Facebook & Instagram pages for the Walking Taco flavour of the day💥

15. Black Rabbit
333 st George suite 104 (506) 870-0336
web: www.baroloandco.com

Title: Anti Taco
Price: $12
Ingredients:  Boa taco, pork belly, Valk fermentation fermented veg, escargot mousseline.

16. Blue Olive
841 Main st (506) 384-1001
web: www.facebook.com/Blueolive1001nuits

* Lamb taco
* Chicken Shwarma taco
14.95 + tax
COMBO PARTY - taco + draft beer $18.95 + tax 

17. Sports Rock Moncton

1855 Mountain Rd (506) 386-4492
web: http://www.sportsrockdieppe.com

Title: Juan in a Million
Price: $13.99 tacos + rice, $15.99 with fries
Ingredients: Philly steak, corn salsa, shredded lettuce, taco sour cream

18. Sports Rock Dieppe
451 Paul St (506) 855-6960
web: http://www.sportsrockdieppe.com

Title: Taco de ala de pollo
Price: $13.99 tacos + rice, $15.99 with fries
Ingredients: Bonelles wings tossed in wing sauce, pico de gallo, lettuce, crispy onion srings, spicey mayo

19. Big League Burgers and Wings
1855 Mountain rd (506) 386-1510
web: www.blbw.ca

Title: The Big League " Heavy Hitter" Taco
Price: $9.99 for two tacos, $14.99 for combo
Ingredients: Diced tomato, onion, jalapeno, banana peppers, shredded cheese, ground beef, big league sauce, sour cream, bacon bits.

20. Tony's Bistro & Pâtisserie 
137 McLaughlin Rd (506) 384-8669
web: tonysbistro.ca

Title: Korean BBQ Taco
Price: $7 per taco
Ingredients: Korean barbecue marinaded local short rib, pickled watermelon radish, fermented carrot, gochujang barbecue sauce, house blue corn tortilla, with blue flour made from mexican-grown blue posole

21. St. Louis Bar & Grill - Moncton & Dieppe
1405 Mountain Road (506) 388-9464
web: www.stlouiswings.com

Title: Crispy Chicken Taco
Price: $14.95
Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Lettuce, Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Cilantro, Guacamole, Jalapeno Ranch

22. Crosswinds Restaurant & Bar (Royal Oaks Golf Club)
385 Royal Oaks Blvd (506) 388-6257 
web: https://www.royaloaks.ca/eat/menus/

Title: Fish Tacos
Price: $15
Ingredients:Chili and lime marinated haddock, flour tortilla,pico de gallo, crisp lettuce, grated cheese blend, Chipotle crema

23. TRIIIO ( Delta Beausejour Hotel)
750 Main St (506) 877-7135
web: https://www.facebook.com/DeltaBeausejour/

Title: Discada
Price: $15.95
Ingredients: beef, chorizo, bacon, roasted tomato, red pepper, onions, garlic, cumin, cilantro, salsa verde, side of salad.

24. Five Bridges Neighborhood Bar and Grill
121 Pine Glenn Rd (506) 384-0992
web: www.five-bridges.org

Title: "Taco Chance On Me"
Price: $14.99
Ingredients: Braised short rib, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, guacamole, shredded cheese topped with cilantro - served wll inside a tacoshell 

25. Inspiration Cafe
22 Church St (Peace Center) (506) 377-3614
web: https://www.facebook.com/inspirationcafenb/

Title: The Jared Taco!
Price: $11.50 
Ingredients: Haddock, loin, lemon pepper, mango salsa, lettuce, African hot sauce, habanero peppers, corn tortilla

26. Cheers Beverage Room
63 Brandon St (506) 857-0998
web: www.cheersbeverageroom.com

Title: Fish Taco with Homemaade Dill Aioli
Price: $11.99 for 2 tacos
Ingredients: Breaded haddock, housemade dill tartar, microgreens, soft white tortilla

27 Fox n Hound Neighbourhood Pub
720 Coverdale Rd (506) 387-2883
web: www.fnhpub.com

The Albert County Kicker


28 Mavericks Steakhouse
40 Lady Ada Blvd. (506) 855-3346
web: www.mavericksrestaurant.ca

Title: Maverick Taco
Price: $14.95 for 2 Tacos  $16.95 w/ side
Ingredients: Atlantic beef blue dot striploin grilled and sliced on top of mixed greens. "BBQ bacon jam cheese sauce" topped with pico de gallo, garlic aioli and crispy onion strings.

29 St James Gate (Fox Creek)
200 Golf St (506) 859-4653
web: http://www.foxcreekgolfclub.ca/restaurant/

Title: Smoked BBQ Chicken
Price: $7.50 for 1 and $15 for 2
Ingredients: Corn salsa, chicken, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, green onion, cilantro